Over the past few years conversion of Historic Indexes, Archive Records and documents to Electronic Text has expanded considerably, bringing information and accessibility not only to internal users, but also external parties via the World Wide Web, CD-ROM products and email.

Archive Data can be Typed or Handwritten and in many instances, the document is delicate or well-used paper/card. Handling delicate source records and the varying ages of Handwriting styles and typed data make the conversion of Archive Data to electronic text a specialized task.

Archive Documents to be processed

Why Us?

Our expertise, quality and proven track record in handling valuable archive data together with over 20 years experience in Data Processing enables us to not only accurately process the data, but output the electronic data in a wide variety of formats to suit the needs of our customers.Data Archiving

To ensure minimal interruption to day-to-day activities, original source documents are scanned quickly and efficiently either onsite or offsite. We utilize specialist equipment capable of scanning books and ledgers without detriment to the document or binding. Document image output on CD-ROM in all widely supported formats including PDF, TIFF, JPEG or Bitmap as required.


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