eBook Conversion Service


Our ePub conversion service offers a high-quality eBook conversion to reflect your original contents and layout design. We provide the following services:

(1) Paperback books to eBook conversion (Output to ePub or MOBI Format).

(2) Electronic files (PDF, Word, HTML, InDesign, Quark) to eBook conversion (Output to ePub or MOBI Format)


Our services will take care of all your electronic publishing needs. With our services, we are committed to making the entire experience of eBook conversion services easy and affordable.

Your eBook project will receive individual attention for quality assurance and testing on different e-readers. We do not use automatic converters for this process as this adds junk codes with inconsistent formats to your final eBooks.

High-quality eBook conversion requires professionals and expertise; or else the quality of the eBook will be compromised. We specialize in providing ebook conversion services in ePub or MOBI formats for iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Sony eReader, Nook eReader, and other e-readers. Our eBook conversion team provides detailed attention to provide quality eBook conversion. We follow IDPF standards for ePub conversion and validate it over ePub check version 3.x.

For each eBook Conversion Project, we will create a FREE secured FTP account for data exchange. Simply upload to us your books in Word, PDF, InDesign or Quark formats and we will convert and verify your book files to the required eBook format.

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