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Our translation division is one of the specialists in translation field that has a dedicated team of more than 30 translators and reviewers with solid experience in various fields.

With the aim to provide a large variety of professional language services, we have been engaging in the translation of various types of documents since its establishment.

We specialize in translating from English into Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese for all kinds of documents such as commercial, IT related, Internet and software, personal and technical documents. Besides, we also provide website localization and software localization services.

While Keyoung relies on professional translators and linguists, we do employ certain software tools to manage the terminology and structure of large projects. The major translation software we use is SDL Trados Studio and MemSource. These computer-assisted translation tools facilitate the translation process and ensure the consistency in terms and style of the whole project.

To ensure a smooth process of work and enhance our efficiency, Keyoung has a strong IT team providing professional technical support and necessary programming work for the translators and reviewers. Our technical support staff is experts of major software tools and products.

In this way, the translators can concentrate more on the contents on one side and have a complete understanding of the IT-related jobs before translation on another side.

With an excellent team and advanced technology, Keyoung devotes to offer high-quality, speedy and reliable services to our customers and help them remove the language barrier along their path to the globalization process.

Service Scope

General Translation

We specialize in the following areas:

► Software Localization
► User Manuals
► Websites (both Internet & Intranet with full HTML)
► Technical documents & equipment specifications
► Commercial documents
► Architectural proposals
► Advertising, Marketing and communication materials
► Press Release
► Brochures and product packaging and many more…..

We can produce a different kind of output formats to meet your needs.

Supported output formats include:

► SDL Trados, SDL Passolo
► Pure Text File (.txt)
► Database File (Microsoft Access, Microsoft Foxpro, MySQL)
► Application Documents Formats (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
► RTF (Rich Text Format)
► Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, etc

Supported delivery media include:
► Secured E-mail
► Secure FTP
► Secured CD-ROM / DVD
► FedEx, etc.

Software Localization

Turn your software products into Traditional or Simplified Chinese versions can help you create and take advantage of opportunities in Greater China and the Asia-Pacific region.

A good localized software product should meet local market trends and standards. This involves adapting measurements, technical terms, monetary units, etc. Using keyboard short-cut commands, modifying formats for dates and numbers, and replacing existing graphics with ones that are culturally appropriate.

We provide translation services for User Manuals, Online Help Systems, User Interfaces, Icons, Screenshot, Bitmaps, and Dialog boxes, etc.

Website Localization

Turn your websites into Traditional or Simplified Chinese versions can help you create and take advantage of opportunities in Greater China and the Asia-Pacific region.

Different from other translation firms, Keyoung has strong technical supports that cooperate with the translators in translating web sites. Keyoung thus can download existing web pages in translating text into Chinese, reconfigure image maps and adjust hyperlinks. We then upload the completed, fully translated and tested web site under duplicate directories. Keyoung translates and retouches any artwork containing text, including graphical headers, navigation buttons, and image maps to produce fully localized deliverables.

In support of large projects, which tend to have on-going revisions, Keyoung develops company-specific glossary databases for each project. All linguists involved incorporating these glossaries to ensure consistent and accurate terminology throughout the lifetime of the project, including future revisions and related projects.

Translation Work Flow

Translation Workflow


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